The Belgium Road Safety invites you to your own funeral

The Belgium humor can be really black, but this is for a good cause : the Begian Road Safety Institute update a video which aims to make people aware of the dangers of speed excess on the road. The innovative communication trend campaign name is  »He’s gone too far »
The video shows some young people who often go through the speed limit. They think they are meeting a friend but they happen to assist their own funeral. There a parent or a close friend gives a speech about the person, saying how young he or she was and how she could have live so much longer.
This shocking campaign is really successful on social medias and got viral really fast. Along with the video the Belgian Road Safety Institute started a smartphone app that allows you to send a message to your friend so that they moderate their speed.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Alice Berthelot

Penelope Cruz is the new muse of Schweppes

After Nicole Kidman and Uma Thurman, Penelope Cruz is the new muse of the Schweppes campaign, which has been realized by Fred and Farid agency.
The saga: “ What did you except” has started in 2008. The objective was to have more impact and to unit the brand in a muse.
In March 2009, the first saga has been realized with Nicole Kidman. The main objective was to associate a famous international star with a true charisma to a soft drink.
In 2008 the brand was at 3,9 points of market share, now it is at 4,9%.
In 2011 the scenario with Uma Thurman was a little more audacious and impactful. The brand has wanted to convey consistency with the catch phrase “What did you expect?”
As Uma Thurman and Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz is also an international star. She has a wonderful filmography and she has got a real proximity with her public. She gives a real sensuality to the brand.
This is an innovative communication trend with an assumed sensual and glamour speech. There is an attraction, we are wondering about the outcome of these looks. The direction looks very fine in my opinion.

Charlotte Rialland

Heineken communicates for charity; an innovative communication trends

The brand asked different artists to realize a print of legend. 40 artists from various backgrounds such as sport, art, or entertainment reinterpreted the famous green bottle their own ways. The result is a big canvas composed with the 40 posters, and sold on Ebay. The money raised goes to “Reporter sans Frontières”. With this project, the brand illustrates its slogan Open your world. It shows that it is important to beyond the borders because people win a beautiful experience. The price begins at 150euros, it’s possible to participate at the auction on the April 13th 2014. Today the posters was exposed in Amsterdam municipal museum of modern art and contemporary art Stedelijk.

This is an original and innovative communication, moreover it aims a decent goal. Thus, public can be more seducted by the brand.

Maureen Incrociati

Warsaw’s Mc Donalds: huge hand drawn stales !

Warsaw’s Mc Donald’s just came up with a new communication idea to promote their products. They invented the « huge slates » designed every day by a professional graphic artist.

An initiative and very interesting novelty in Poland. Warsaw’s Mc Donald’s puts in front of the most frequented fast-food of the town a huge homemade billboard.This concept came from the company DDB Warsaw and allows the famous fast food to promote their daily fresh products.Then, menus moment, breakfast and lunch’s recipes are well illustrated by the professional Stefan Szwed-Strozynski (Good Looking Studio / Krewcy Productions) using colored chalks.

This type of communication is a really innovative way to show the creativity of Mc Donald’s. Indeed, it is not the first time that they’re making an outsized campaign. They are being constantly creative to convince new consumers to come in and taste their products.

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Axelle Delaveau

Kusmi Tea’s First Campaign – An Innovative Communication Trend

Kusmi Tea is a French tea brand which knows an incredible success since a couple of years, and is quickly expanding to the UK and US. This brand is also renowned for it’s funky packaging and striking visual language. French agency Quai des Orfèvres created 3 spots for Kusmi Tea, which are on our screens since the beginning of 2014.

Each spot of the campaign represents a kind of tea, highlighting « the beauty of blends », which is the brand identity. In these films, we can admire a man and a woman from different countries, who are playing a seduction scene in the water, representing several teas, citrus fruits and spices. The scene takes place in an Haussmannien flat full of water, which reminds on one the one hand the French identity of the brand, and on the other hand the power of water and  tea. This campaign is really sensual, colored and beautiful without being vulgar, that’s why it is very successful. In fact, these spots are surprising, because they represent an innovative communication way to promote a tea brand.

Kusmi Tea is beginning the year perfectly, with a first innovative communication campaign, which is unanimous.

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Louise Bédouet


Perfume ads : let’s make a movie about it !

"La legende de Shalimar"On TV, the average time for an ad is 15sec,  mostly because it is way too expensive to buy more TV time, and also because the watcher can easily drop out if it is too long.

Still, perfume commercials are this exception, since we can see spots that last from 30sec to 22 minutes ! (J’adore from Dior) The luxury business does not complain about the economic crisis and keep making some short film with real story, real actor and movie maker. There are dozens of exemples but we can go back on Martin Scorcese’s Bleu De Chanel staring the french and handsome actor Gaspard Ulliel, where an unfaithfull husband loose his temper at a journalist conference. We can run an article about this subject without broach L’odyssée from Cartier, two years making short film which promote Cartier’s 165th birthday and expertise in jewelery. No famous actress in this one, but 3’30 minutes of spectacular pictures, in which a panther runs accros Russia and East Europe to find its owner in Paris. The movie was shot with real panthers and elephants and 4 millions € of budget, as 20 000€ per second ! The third exemple is the brand new Guerlain’s Shalimar short film, staring Natalia Vodianova, almost 4 minutes, in which an oriental princess waits for her charming prince.

These brands reprents the luxury and spends a great amount of money for TV ads so that consumers won’t question the price of their cosmetics and clothes, because more than the perfume, it is the whole brand which is promote. Indeed, luxury brand are the less touched by the crisis. In my point of view, I’m quite glad that they’re able to make such TV ads, as I enjoy this beautiful short films way more than washing pouder commercials !

Alice Berthelot

Hello Kitty Beers – An Innovative Communication Trend

The favourite brand of girls decided to create a new type of communication way to appeal new targets.
It decided to launch in a beer that tastes fruity but which is still soft! So six news flavours has been created with a rate of 2,3% alcohol per can. The brand tries to develop her target with teenagers.
Hello kitty owes already is success to its capacity to propose different things like toys, perfumes, jewerly… and has always been able to fulfil every wish of girls addicted to pink and girly gadgets.
This range of Hello Kitty beer is now available in China. The packaging is colourful and represents the kitten emblem.

I think, it would be a real success for this brand that always met success with its innovations!
But this brand was created for children and little girls, the fact that it develops alcoholic drinks could push little girls to buy beers…


Charlotte Rialland